What is a Nomad? 15 Jobs for the Nomad – Digital and Local

What is a Nomad?

It’s traditionally been a person who has no permanent home because they are always trying to find pasture for livestock. Currently, it’s a person who wanders from place to place without staying very long. They often have a place they consider home even if it’s with family or friends in their home town.

What is a Nomad Compared to a Digital Nomad?

Developing technology from the Internet to smart phones to mobile hotspots are allowing more and more people to become nomads while also making a stable amount of money from a continuing work venture. According to Wikipedia, digital nomads are people who live a nomadic lifestyle, traveling place to place, while earning a living working remotely with the use of telecommunication technologies.

The following is a list of things you can do as a nomad. They’re separated into two lists. One list is for digital nomads and the other is a list of things you can do locally while traveling. I believe that the digital nomad route is more stable when it comes to making money. The first on the list is what I do on the road.

Some skills you might have to develop before you being your journey, like becoming a programmer, but others don’t require advanced skills. Check out these 15 digital nomad jobs.

What Kind of Jobs Can a Digital Nomad Do?

Freelance Writing

Whether it’s writing for your own clients, a place like Textbroker, or for a site like Upwork, it’s a talent that can be developed before you leave on your nomadic journey.

Online Freelance Work

Upwork has other opportunities besides freelance writing. There are successful people who do illustration, programming and web design from the site, too. It basically connects freelance contractors with people willing to pay them.


Whether it’s a new travel blog or another type of blog, you can make money while writing for yourself. You’ll need the ability to create a website and have access to the Internet on your trip. You can easily set up a website long before you leave, so you can see whether it’ll be successful. It can take some time for a blog to take off and fund your travel.

Drop Shipping

You can sell products online without having to keep your own inventory, which would be incredibly difficult as a traveler. You can set up a website with a shopping cart or an account with Amazon to sell your own products. A fulfillment center will ship orders directly to your customers.

Affiliate Marketing

There’s a tough learning curve to creating niche websites to sell products, but there are tons of people who do it. They start with a topic, create a website around that product, and market it to others.


With your current employer, you might have the opportunity to work remotely. Before quitting your job to take on freelance uncertainty, talk with your employer about working on the road.

Website Design

This job can be a combination of working online and locally. When you’re in an establishment, talk to people in the cafe or restaurant. See if they have a website, and if it’s a terrible one, talk to them about improving it. There are people who are willing to pay for a revamp of their current site. They just don’t know who to talk to about it.


Most likely you’re taking photographs on your journey. If they’re good enough, you could sell them in a variety of locations from travel magazines to stock photography sites. You can also set up your own shop to sell your photographs.

Other Nomadic Job Skills

English Tutoring

To teach English to others, you should be able to create a bit of a lesson plan. Otherwise, there’s not much you need to do to prepare to tutor. In some cases, you don’t even need certification.


Some hostels could use some help with cleaning, laundry, or reception. Often, you can work in a hostel in exchange for a free stay.

Fruit Picking

In areas like Australia, it’s incredibly common for travelers to find themselves with basket in hand picking fruit for room and board.


There are a few sites that connect people who need a housesitter with travelers who need a place to stay. These housesitting positions will often include pet sitting, too. Check online for websites centered around housesitting.


Local restaurants and cafes might need extra help during the busy season. In local hostels, you might find magazines that will have advertisements for local positions. Check at restaurants near the hostel, too.


Many areas will hire day workers for short-term construction jobs. You can check with local temp agencies or find out where workers hang out to find a job for the day. They often pay under the table, too.


Whether it’s singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, you can perform in the subway or local parks. If you’re especially entertaining or talented, you’ll get enough spare change per day to work your way across the world. Check local laws regarding street performers.

You can be creative and figure out your own local jobs based on your talents. Whether you want to be a digital nomad, work locally, or some combination of both, there are plenty of ways to make money while traveling.

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