About Janie

janieI dislike writing about myself, but since you probably want to know a little about me, I’ll force myself. For you, my favorite readers.

About a year ago, I had the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery done. I lost a lot of weight. I won’t go into numbers because that will depress me! Sadly, I started to gain some of it back.

Don’t judge me!

With a bypass, the entire stomach is gone. You have sickness to regulate the horrible things you put into your mouth. I didn’t have that. (except for a horrid reaction to cake frosting) I grew frustrated with the plateau I hit, and let all my progress start to swirl down the drain of depression. (Hot chocolate in your coffee when you have 3 to 4 cups a day? That’s almost 500 calories in liquids alone! Just sayin’ it adds up when you’re not looking!)

This blog is my attempt to get back on track. I won’t be talking about weight loss, recipes, or food. The more I focus on food and weight loss, the more I get frustrated.

Instead, I’ll be focusing on adventures geared towards forgetting food and becoming healthier. I want to have adventures! Fun things to do that don’t involve the gym, running, or walking. Those are all incredibly boring activities IMO.

I plan to make the world my gym!

Sincerely, Janie (aka Jeanette)