Air & Space Center: They Have Yummy Pretzels

What have I been up to?

Some of you might be wondering. Others might not care at all, but I’m still going to share it with you, anyway!

I still had my ticket for the Virginia Air & Space Center. They were part of the Sea to Stars package I’d purchased when first arriving in Hampton. For 39 dollars, I could visit the space center and see an IMAX movie along with other things I’d already done.


For this visit downtown, I took the local bus. It stopped pretty close to the space center, so I didn’t have to do much walking. When I turned the corner, I saw the worst things you can possibly see when visiting a museum: schoolbuses. **sigh**

Not that I don’t like children. Okay, sometimes I don’t, but they’re loud and all children-y most of the time, especially in large groups.

Since I was here, I went inside. It’s likely that they had children there most days of the week. At the ticket desk, I had to pick a movie. The one at 12:00 was about space or planets. That sounded interesting. Until the ticket guy said it would be full of kids. I appreciated the warning! So, it was the National Parks Adventure in 3D. That should still be entertaining.


I’ve realized a few things about myself during this trip. I am terrible at this solo travel thing. I miss my people. And I don’t like reading about history on little plaques. There were really fascinating pieces. Little stories about the Wright brothers, planes throughout history and space exploration.


By 12:45, I was ready for the movie.

Actually, I was ready for a pretzel. I am not able to eat most of the things I want. Between the whole diet thing and having food restrictions, I don’t want to upset my stomach. Pretzels are safe! I’d been smelling popcorn throughout the entire exhibit, but that only made me hungry.


The big pretzel was really warm and salty. I did have to brush off some of the salt, but I could have sat there for hours eating my pretzel. Even writing about it is making me hungry!

Finally, it was time for the movie. A stream of boisterous children roiled from the movie theater doors, and I was incredibly happy that I hadn’t been in there with them!

The snack guy handed me my glasses while I sat at my table in awe of all the children that actually fit inside that theater. It must be huge.

It was actually theater size, which surprised me. I’m not sure what I was expecting exactly, but it was spacious. I chose a seat in the middle.

There were a few people in the theater. Mostly older, which suits me fine. Three older people were in the front before they realized that they were too close. They picked spots right behind me.

They talked through the entire movie.

I was tempted to shush them. Well that’s rude. I thought about moving, but that seemed even worse. So, I suffered. As for the movie itself, there were some really beautiful scenes of Yellowstone. They followed this professional climber, his stepson and a young family friend as they climbed and explored the parks.

They went to some really stunning places, but I couldn’t really hear all of what was said.

img_20161020_113044 img_20161020_113012

Pictures of the sun were great.

I hit the gift shop on the way out of the center. They had freeze dried foods like astronauts take into space. The kids would love that! I didn’t see any prices on anything, but I grabbed a few and wandered. After bringing it all to the register, she told me the tiny packets of food were $5. Hm. This is definitely a budget trip. I’d have to pass on those and most of what I’d grabbed. It was down to pencil sharpeners with the words Virginia Air & Space Center. Boring but the kids will like them.

They have a tourist desk in the lobby of the center. A young woman asked if she could help me. I said no, but stopped near this carousel full of brochures. I needed to find something that wasn’t filled with dusty plaques. Finally, I turned to her and asked for help. I wanted to find some Halloween events.

She was funny, and we talked about my dislike for history. She told me an abbreviated story of one that sounded vaguely familiar. I realized that I’d heard it on board the boat tour previously. It sounded way more exciting when she told me the story.

Bluebird Gap Farm was having a Halloween/Fall event that I would be going to soon. She told me about the Hampton Horror tours. That’s definitely on my list now. And a Hampton Halloween block party. That all sounds fantastic! I love Halloween.

I am definitely looking forward to the last week of my trip. Sorry for some of the blurry pictures here. Sometimes, the phone is great at taking pictures and other times, not so much.

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