Comparison of Waterproof Backpacks for Urban Explorers

Waterproof BackpacksFor urban explorers, the waterproof rucksack you choose will depend on what you are carrying in your bag. If you’re carrying camera equipment for catching stunning urban ruins, you’ll want to be sure the bag is water resistant at the very least. Many people might be surprised to learn that there are levels of waterproof backpacks from water resistant to 100% waterproof.

You’ll want a waterproof backpack that will be durable as well as waterproof since you’ll likely use it for a variety of activities. However, you might not need a 100% waterproof bag since you’re not going to be plunged into roiling rapids with your waterproof backpack.

Water-Resistant Backpacks

This kind of bag will be resistant to splashes of light rain. It shouldn’t be left out in the rain for long periods of time since the water will soak through eventually. Dripping overhead pipes or light rain showers won’t be a serious problem for water-resistant bags.

Waterproof Backpacks

These backpacks are a step up from the water-resistant bags. They can handle heavy rain showers and a short, quick fall into water. If you need a bag that will survive a long walk in the rain, a waterproof backpack will work fine.

100% Waterproof Backpacks

The best waterproof backpacks are ones that will actually float when submerged into water. They’re terrific for activities where they might get dumped into water like boating and rafting. If you have bedding that absolutely must stay dry, a 100% waterproof backpack is vital.

 Sunhiker M441 LightweightGootium 21101 Specially High Density RucksackThiKin Multilayer Crossbody BackpackECEEN Solar Powered Hiking DaypackLocal Lion Outdoor Sport Daypack
waterproof backpackswater resistant backpackWaterproof backpackwater resistant daypackwater resistant backpack
FabricNylonCanvasNylonCanvas and PVCPolyester and Nylon
Size18.5 x 11.4 x 7.0"11.8 x 7.9 x 15"14.4 x 10 x 5.6"19 x 13 x 8.2"18.11 x 6.69 x 8.66"
Capacity25L16 OuncesLess than 25L33 Ounces18L
Multiple PocketsYesYesYesYesYes
Crossbody, Waist or ShoulderShoulder and Waist StrapsShoulderCrossbodyShoulderShoulder
Waterproof or Water ResistantWaterproofWater ResistantWaterproofWater ResistantWater Repellent
Rating4 out of 5 Stars4.5 out of 5 Stars5 out of 5 Stars4 out of 5 Stars4.5 out of 5 Stars

Sunhiker 25L Sport

waterproof backpacks


  • Mesh shoulder straps for breathability
  • Dual bottle holders
  • Tear resistant material
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps


Gootium High Density Canvas Backpack

water resistant backpack


  • 3 chambers for storing items
  • Padded adjustable straps
  • Additional top-mounted handle
  • Snaps and buckles to keep pack closed


ThiKin Multilayer Crossbody Backpack

Waterproof backpack


  • Ten separate compartments for storage
  • Anti-scratch material
  • Breathable, adjustable strap
  • Security pocket to reduce theft


ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack

water resistant daypack


  • Solar power panel for charging devices
  • Folds away in the backpack when not in use
  • Lightweight and durable for a variety of uses


Local Lion Outdoor Sports Backpack

water resistant backpack


  • Reflective light loop
  • Padded interior
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and hip belt
  • Five exterior pockets


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