Fall on the Farm: Bluebird Gap Farm

I was pretty excited about the Bluebird Gap Farm. First, it was free even with the event. Second, it has animals. I’m a fan as long as they’re behind fencing! And third, I was ready to experience some Halloween excitement!


There’s probably a bus that will take me to the farm, but that seems like a ton of work when I can just call for a Lyft ride. Plus, I had to stop at an ATM for cash. I don’t normally carry cash, and I might need it at an outdoor event.

The police had the entrance to the park blocked. They wanted people parking across the street to walk or take a shuttle to the farm. It was about a quarter mile to walk.


Here’s a tip for those of you who are traveling; always check the weather. I had no idea it was going to be so hot and humid. I hadn’t really eaten breakfast and only brought an energy bar with me for a snack. The heat and humidity was really too much being outdoors and especially with that walk.

I wandered to the back of the farm where there was some shade so I could eat my energy bar. There are peacocks roaming free. I made the mistake of feeding one. It seemed to stalk me the rest of the day. Everywhere I looked, there he was!

img_20161021_122236 img_20161021_122227 img_20161021_122802


In the middle of the farm were seats and a small stage set up for some kind of show. I was more than ready to sit in the shade. It was a science show. It was amusing. The kids seemed to love it. The presenter made smoke-filled bubbles from dry ice and shot potatoes out of a PVC pipe.

After the show, I smashed an apple in exchange for some apple butter. Yum.

Then I went to see the cow and sheep. I Messengered with my grandson, so he could see the animals, but he’s not yet 3 years old, so he was mad at me because I’d gone to the farm without him! He doesn’t realize I’m away. He thinks I’m always at the store. So he thinks I went to see the animals without him!


As I was standing there taking pictures of the horse, sheep and cow, I see a big cow with horns? Was it a bull? Suddenly, it’s looking directly at me, and it stands up! Still staring at me as I shift to the left. I move slow but keep going as his eyes never leave me.

img_20161021_141238 img_20161021_141224 img_20161021_141217

Aside from that near encounter with death! I had a good time. I have to walk over to the plaza where everyone has parked before I can call for a Lyft. I can’t even begin to explain how dehydrated and dizzy I was by the time I made it someplace with air conditioning.


It was a pretty good day overall, though. It would have been better with some kids!

img_20161021_121721-1 img_20161021_121821 img_20161021_124958

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