Geocaching Etiquette for Newbies

geocaching etiquetteWhen it comes to geocaching etiquette, many cachers seem to have their own rules, but most follow certain core guidelines. While the community can’t police others, the hobby itself calls for others to be mindful of creating an atmosphere that is family-friendly as well as environment-friendly.

Be Safe While Adventuring

You should always wear comfortable shoes when you know you’ll be moving through the bush. Long sleeve shirts and pants can help you avoid thorny branches or ticks while out in the woods. While there won’t be many caches hidden out in the middle of the forest, you should be prepared for walking into some dense areas occasionally.

Have Respect for the Environment

When you’re adventuring, be sure you’re being respectful of the area. If you see trash, make it a point to discard of that trash to keep the area clean. Muggles will appreciate the cleanup even if they don’t know why it’s happening. Other adventurers will also appreciate the clean area for searching. Most cachers have the motto of “cache in, trash out.”

Don’t Venture onto Private Property

You should never hide a cache or search for one on private property. If you’re hiding a cache on the property of a business, be sure you have their permission. The property owner should understand the concept and that people will be searching there.

Basic Geocaching Etiquette: Leave No Trace

While it’s virtually impossible to not leave footprints, that should be the only thing you leave behind aside from your name on the log. Don’t leave trash or broken branches on the property. If you move something, make sure it’s returned to its proper place. Like the time I removed a stone from a wall, I replaced it immediately.

Trade for an Item of Equal or Greater Value

If you see a little trinket in the cache, it’s important that you replace with another item equally as awesome. You might have to bring some trinkets with you for this purpose. Never rummage around in your backpack for a penny to replace an item. That won’t work.

Write a Great Adventure in the Log

People who leave caches want to hear about how much fun you had exploring and finding the hidden treasure. Please, don’t leave exact instructions on how to reach the cache. You’ll ruin the experience for others. Talk about the general area or take pictures nearby so as not to give away the location.

These are basic geocaching etiquette that you should follow. It’s pretty simple and straightforward for beginners. Try to be mindful of how your actions can impact others who are playing the game. Make sure you’re contributing to the community in a positive way. This is a great starting point for beginners who are starting their first adventures in geocaching.

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