Let the Digital Nomad Life Begin!

As mentioned in a previous post about my horrible train ride, I arrived in Hampton, Virginia after 14 hours on a train from Boston. It was around 8 pm when I finally clicked the Lyft app to order a ride from the ride-sharing platform. My driver picked me up in front of the train station in Newport News and drove me to my destination in Hampton. He was happy to chat, and after 14 hours with no conversation, I needed some human contact.

He told me that I shouldn’t walk in certain nearby areas at night, but the area where I’d planned to stay was relatively safe. It was a good tip! I don’t need to get mugged during my travels. My hosts, Esther and Jeremy, were waiting for me as we pulled up to the house, and Jeremy came out to help with my luggage. (On a side note here; I do believe I took too much with me!)

It was full-on dark, so they weren’t able to show me much of the outdoors, but I met the cute, rambunctious dogs. They pointed out things in the kitchen and showed me to my room, but I have to admit, I was all done. I needed a shower and sleep, which is what I did. Sadly, I wasn’t able to sit and really get to know my hosts at that point.

The next day, I was mostly on my own except for the dogs. It was Saturday, and I assume my hosts had weekend plans. It’s a bit strange to be wandering around in someone else’s house. They were very welcoming and insisted that I treat the home like my own. I feel like I couldn’t have asked for better hosts for my first AirBnB experience, but it’s my own hang-ups that holdĀ me back.

I wandered outside to see the Koi pond with the dogs trailing close behind. I wasn’t able to see the pond the night before since it had been dark. It’s an incredible little oasis back there! I could stay here for weeks!

my new friends beautiful koi pond koi-pond-and-dogs-virginia



Wait, I am staying here for weeks. Let the #digitalnomad life begin!

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