LOCTOTE Flak Sack Review


When you're traveling around the world staying in places that aren't exactly safe, you'll need a way to protect your belongings. While you could purchase a laptop bag with a locking mechanism, it's not going to be slash-proof, be water resistant, or have RFID shielding. Those features are available in the Flak Sack.

Whether you're a digital nomad, a student traveling the world with your backpack, or a business person who needs one bag for all your valuables, this Flak Sack is an incredible bag that you can cinch, lock, and leave behind.

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Features of the LOCTOTE Flak Sack

  • Slash-resistant fabric
  • Internal pocket with RFID shielding
  • Thick, slash-proof strap
  • Lock it and leave it

Idea Behind the LOCTOTE Flak Sack Bag

Apparently, this was a bag that came by way of a rough experience. One of the owners, Don Halpern was on vacation with his family. He was at the beach by himself. He placed his phone and cash in his shoe at the beach and headed into the water to go snorkeling. He sees a man digging through his things and taking off with something in his hand. He wanted a secure way to make sure that his belongings would be safe in situations like that. We've all left our valuables hidden at the beach and wondered if they'd be safe. That's how the LOCTOTE Flak Sack was born.

Slash-Resistant Fabric

The fabric of the sack makes it impossible to be slashed to reveal the interior contents. It's resistant to tearing and abrasion, too. This is because it's made with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, or UHMWPE. This material creates a barrier that a thief won't be able to penetrate. The bag has not just one layer of the material, but two layers. The double layers are heavy and thick to resist the efforts of a person who shouldn't be entering your bag.

Internal Pocket with RFID Shielding

Credit and debit cards have ID chips that leave them vulnerable to electronic pickpocketing known as RFID skimming. The thief will use a scanner from a distance of a few feet to read the radio signal that your cards are emitting. With this information the thief will be able to use your credit cards or debit cards. While some banks report that the RFID chips send a one-time use code for each transaction, all it takes is one transaction for a thief to take your money.

In the Flak Sack, there's a pocket that shields the cards from view with the skimmer. It blocks the radio frequency waves from being picked up by a robber's scanner device. As long as your wallet is in the pocket, you don't have to worry about a scanner gaining your information.

Slash-Proof Straps

Among digital nomads, there's a need for a bag that can be locked in a space without being stolen. For example, if you're bunking down in a hostel, you're not likely to have your own space for valuables. You're sharing a room, so you can't lock the door. In an AirBnB, you'll likely have your own room, but how do you know your items will be safe there. When you're working in a local cafe and have to use the restroom, you have to pack up your laptop and drag it with you.

With the slash-proof straps, you can wrap the thick straps around an immovable object and lock the bag tight. The bag's heavy straps can be wrapped around the table leg or to a pipe and locked with the accompanying lock. The straps will keep a thief from quickly slicing through the straps and making off with your valuables.

In this video review, tons of topics and features are covered including a test of the way the bag holds up under the slashing of a knife. At approximately the 7 or 8 minute mark, the knife is applied to the bag as well as the straps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the straps adjustable?

Inside the bag is a large knot that can be adjusted to make the straps smaller.

How do I find the lock combination?

Out of the factory, the lock combination is a generic 000. You'll need to set the lock to digits you'll remember.

Can a different lock be used?

You can definitely use a different lock, which might be necessary if you're flying. Get a TSA approved lock, but remember not to put the key inside the bag.

Will it hold my 15 inch laptop?

It will hold the 15 inch quite easily. It gets snug when trying to hold a 17 inch or larger laptop.

The LOCTOTE Flak Sack is one of the best bags out there for keeping your items safe. The materials are water resistant and slash-proof. The straps can't be cut, either. You can easily wrap this around an object that won't move, lock it in place, and know that you'll come back to your belongings safely where you left them.

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