Nervous and Excited: Travel Plans and Airbnb

travel plans and airbnbI’m finally taking the plunge. No, I’m not getting married. (Why do they call it that, anyway? Is it because you feel like you’re drowning in a marriage? I’d hate to think that’s the case!)

*clears throat*

Right, back on topic. The past few weeks I’ve been searching on Airbnb for a suitable place to visit. The plan is to take the train to a destination, live there for a month, soak up everything that the adventure has to offer before moving on to the next location.


Airbnb is a website that allows hosts to rent out rooms, beds or entire apartments/houses on their site. Guests are able to search for suitable rooms based on their personal criteria. Private rooms for rent vary in price depending on the area you’re visiting, of course.

My criteria:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Walking distance to shopping
  • Place to work digital nomad style
  • Under $800 a month

That’s it. I’m pretty flexible otherwise.

I need to be able to work while I’m on the road or my adventure will be cut very, very short!

I don’t want to spend more on a room than I would on an apartment.

I’m taking the train, so I won’t have transportation.

The Planning Process

The ultimate goal was to move to a southern state. I’m tired of snow and the cold. People who don’t live in New England have mentioned to me that I’ll miss it.


I really won’t. I’d like to experience winter in a place where it’s 70 degrees in December. That sounds amazing to me.

I’d had my heart set on moving to Georgia. It seemed like a beautiful location, but I’ve never been out of New England. Instead of heading directly to Florida or Georgia, I’d like to experience more on the journey.

Plus, I can’t sleep on a moving vehicle. Taking the train to Georgia would entail an overnight trip. Unless I plan on not sleeping for 17 hours, I’ll take the trip in little jaunts.

This realization had me setting my sights on Maryland or Virginia as my first stop.

This will be a trip of firsts.

  • My first time using Airbnb
  • First time traveling by train a long distance
  • First time leaving New England
  • First time being far from family

I feel like a teenager leaving home for the first time, which I never actually did! It’s scary, I have to admit.

Contacting Hosts

I’ve had great luck contacting hosts so far. Most of them have been very responsive. Two didn’t return my message at all, but the other four almost immediately sent invitations to book.

The process seems a bit foreign to me. I’m going to move away from family to live with strangers. By myself. And they’re welcoming me into their homes.

At first, I didn’t want to rent a room from anyone, but entire apartments are a bit too expensive for me. That limited my choices. I’m beginning to think that maybe moving into a room of someone’s home can be a plus. It would mean I’m not alone out there in the world!

When I’m ready to book, there’ll be more shares on the entire process. There’s so much to consider. I’d love to hear from other people who have rented from Airbnb or are planning to work and travel.

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