New England Aquarium: How We Spent $10 Per Person

I’ve been promising that I’d experience local Boston attractions like a tourist and share those experiences with you. It’s been freezing, though! Between snow storms, there were two days where the temperature hit 45, which is like sweater weather in New England. On a whim, I’d been visiting with the younger daughter for a few days, and said, “Let’s go to the aquarium!”

It wasn’t a well-hatched plan, but I’m proud of the way we only spent $10 per person for our group of three. Before I tell you how we did that, I’ll tell you where we went wrong: we didn’t plan out our parking situation.

Did you know that the parking garage next to the aquarium is $39 if you stay more than 80 minutes? Yeah. Insane. We should have left earlier, parked at one of the train stations, and taken the train to the aquarium. So, any savings we had was spent on parking. New England Aquarium parking is quite expensive!

It’s a shame, but a lesson for everyone else!

Normally, New England Aquarium tickets are $26.95 for each adult and $18.95 per child. Our costs would have been $72.85 but we spent $30 for our tickets.

That price could be why I haven’t been to the aquarium since my kids were little!

So, how did we save over $40?

The library.

Yep, the library. You read that correctly.

The Old Colony Library Network has tickets for many venues around New England. I had to run down to the library, present my library card, and get the ticket, which allowed 4 people to enter the aquarium for $10 a piece.

While I don’t know about your library, I would imagine that you could reserve tickets there, too. Always check there before planning your trip. Your library network could be linked to the network providing tickets for the aquarium.

Our library system has tickets for museums at a deep discount, too. Groupon and AAA are two other places where you can check for discounts, but for the aquarium, they weren’t that much cheaper. Triple A offered $2 off each ticket price. Groupon offers the same ticket prices for adults and children, but they include a ticket to the IMAX theater next door, too. That’s not a bad deal. The IMAX tickets are worth approximately $10.

We had a good time, and I was happy to save some money!

Sadly, I didn’t have my new-to-me camera, but these weren’t too bad taken with my phone’s camera.

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