The Middle of the Weight Loss Journey

background-1275531_1920I don’t plan to talk much about the weight part of the weight loss journey. I’m trying to shift my focus from being consumed with thoughts of food, weight, and pounds to living a healthier and more active life. And adventures. I want the adventures I didn’t have when I was younger. Mid-life crisis, or mid-life realization? Wanting to be a pirate in my deepest heart?

Being active¬†is really hard to do as a freelance writer. To succeed in my job, I have to sit for hours at a time. I’ve considered one of those standup desks with the treadmill, but I don’t have the best balance.

You know those episodes of the Biggest Loser when they fall on the treadmill and shoot into the wall? That would be me.

And I’d probably land on my wrist and twist it, so I couldn’t type at all.

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