My Three-Hour Tour

After a few days of exploring the neighborhood, where I took these photographs, I wanted to expand beyond the borders of the neighborhood.


This slow travel thing is great, but at the same time, I can often get stuck in the house working. Apparently, that happens at other people’s houses, too!

My first stop was the Hampton Visitor’s Center. There were tickets called Sea to Stars that allowed me to pay one price of $39 and get into a few attractions. First, I was able to visit the Hampton History Museum. It was quite interesting. I’m not huge on learning about history. That hasn’t changed as I’ve become a grown-up. It’s a dry bit of facts. If they could liven it up and make it more colorful, I’d be all about history. For example, Dances with Wolves, that was a great movie and if that had been real and historic, I’d have learned a ton!blackbeard

This story was pretty good. It’s about Blackbeard the pirate, who had his head added to a spike as a warning to other pirates.

The tickets get you into the Virginia Air & Space Center, the carousel, the Miss Hampton II Harbor Cruise, the museum, and one show in the IMAX Theater. The woman at the front desk of the Visitor’s Center made a reservation for me to take the harbor tour at 11 am, so I wandered in that direction. Most of the attractions are concentrated in Downtown Hampton. Passing the Air & Space Center, I saw the harbor. It really is a wonderful-looking place sitting right next to the water.

Boarding the boat for the 3-hour tour of the harbor, it didn’t occur to me that there’s a hurricane headed in our direction until the guide announced that seas were a little choppy. Huh. Isn’t this how Gilligan’s Island started?

Since I’m writing this now, you can clearly see I’m fine! But it did cross my mind!

navy-ships warship

The Captain tried to keep us from tossing and turning unnecessarily, which meant turning the boat in another direction while cruising. The swells were pretty rough at some points. Luckily, I don’t get seasick because at one point, my stomach did drop.

The guide was pretty great. He clearly loves his history as well as the Navy ships we saw. He knew all about them. We passed so many warships, too, and he had info to share about all of them. One was readying itself to go out to sea. Apparently, they do that during hurricanes so they don’t get bashed against the dock.

We were able to see two ships crossing each other. One was coming in as that one was leaving. I wish I’d gotten better pictures, but I was using my phone and couldn’t see with the sun glaring on my screen. I’ll get better about that. Promise!ships-crossing

Part of the tour was supposed to include a tour of a place called Fort Wool, but with the ocean being higher than normal and a bit rough, they passed on taking us there for our safety. Much appreciated.

It did take about 3 hours, (and I didn’t end up on a deserted island) but I came back with a sunburn on my face. Still, it was great to get out from behind the computer for a few hours. Nobody mentions how much work is involved in this whole digital nomad lifestyle.

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