Update at Home: Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Hello Fellow Travelers or Aspiring Travelers,

winter-in-new-england-605166_1920One of my last posts talked about how I wasn’t sure traveling solo was for me. I missed family, and was lonely by myself. The plan was to come back for the holidays, spend some time seeing Boston like a native slash tourist, and figuring out my next moves.

Instead, it’s been freezing cold, and I can’t think straight! These winters in New England remind me that I’d rather move someplace else. Anywhere else actually.

I’ve been spending every day with family, and let me tell you, that’s overwhelming all by itself. I love them tremendously, but at heart, I’m an introvert. I need my alone time to recharge. That’s not happening.

With that, I’m planning out my next few months. I believe that I’ll be less lonely if I alternate between traveling and coming back for visits. Two months away from everyone was too long. I’ll spend a month away, and a month back home. I think that will be the best move for everyone.

Once I’ve decided on a destination, I’ll be posting here!

I’d love to hear how your plans changed after you tried this digital nomad lifestyle. Did you find that you love it more than you expected, or did you miss family and friends?

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