What is Geocaching?

You might be asking what is this geocaching I’m hearing so much about lately. It can be called a GPS stash hunt or a treasure hunt with GPS. It’s an activity where someone hides a cache or container for others to find using a Global Positioning System. The GPS unit can be a smartphone with GPS, a geocaching app, or a GPS unit.

What’s in a Geocache?

Enthusiasts of this fun treasure hunting will hide caches with trinkets and a log book. The simplest caches might only have a log where finders can leave their name and the date of the find.

Example of a Geocache Adventure

Melissa buys a nano container shaped like a piece of gum. It’s tiny, so she’s only able to add a rolled-up log to the cache. She sticks it under a bench in the local park and makes note of the GPS coordinates for the geocaching website.

bench with geocache

Scott and his family head to their first geocache at the local park. The clue for the cache is coded. Many codes are simple to translate using a decryption key.






decryption key

This translates to “Tie Your Shoe.”

When the family gets to the coordinates, they see a park bench, some bushes and a rock. They understand from the clue that if they tie their shoe, the location will be down low. Scott finally checks under the bench. He reaches past the chewed bubble gum, and as he brushes against it, he realizes it’s fake.

Scott’s family gets home and logs in their adventure. They don’t give away the location, but tell a nice story about how much they enjoyed the experience.

What is Geocaching?

It’s an experience that can be shared with family and friends. You can hide your own caches, explore new locations in your city, and tell tales of your adventures in the log.

StarvingJanie geocaching

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